Vita Inu

The World's First Light-Speed Dog Coin with Zero Fees and Smart Contracts.

The only memecoin with real world utility. Zero fees, instant settlement and the highest energy efficiency out there. What more could you ask for? Join our fast growing community!

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Feeless is not a gimmick

Feeless transactions are essential for real-world use as they facilitate fast, free P2P payments, including cross-border remittances, improve gaming experiences through frictionless in-game trading, and promote Web3 micropayments for content creators to monetize their work. This is not practical on traditional blockchains due to the fees involved, making feeless solutions like $VINU more attractive and useful.


Transactions on Vita Inu are instantaneous. With sub-second finality, VINU makes Web3 as fast as Web2.


There are absolutely zero fees when transacting with Vita Inu. What you see is what you get.

Energy efficient

Because of Vita Inu’s unique consensus, the network is afforded with incredibly high energy efficiency.

Transparency in distribution


Live data

Our tokenomics section demonstrates our commitment to transparency, detailing the economic principles that guide our project. It's a fundamental resource for investors and token holders, fostering trust by clearly presenting the mechanisms determining our token's value and utility.

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Circulating Supply

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More than a memecoin

Our Community section is not only a hub for engagement and collaboration, but also a testament to our commitment towards fee-less transactions and energy efficiency, core principles that drive our project and set us apart in the blockchain ecosystem.