Our FAQ section provides comprehensive answers to common questions about Vita Inu, offering users a convenient resource to understand our feeless and fast cryptocurrency better.
Where can I get a $VINU wallet?
Vite Wallets (Native Chain)
Vite Wallet (Preferred)
Click here and then either scan the QR Code to download the Vite App, or click ‘Accept Invitation’ to go the Web Wallet. (SAME as before)
Click here

BSC & ETH Wallets (Bridged Chains)
Trust Wallet (Preferred)
Click here
Click here
Atomic Wallet
Click here
Where can I trade $VINU?
How do I see $VINU in my wallet?
See this helpful guide to add the VINU token to your wallet!
In your VITE Wallet, the official VINU token code is VINU-001.
What platform is $VINU on?

VITE (Native VINU) – a fast, feeless, and eco-friendly DAG looking to bridge every blockchain in a decentralized way. Contract: tti_541b25bd5e5db35166864096

BSC (BEP20 VINU) – Binance Smart Chain Contract: 0xfebe8c1ed424dbf688551d4e2267e7a53698f0aa

ETH (ERC20 VINU) – Ethereum Contract: 0xAFCdd4f666c84Fed1d8BD825aA762e3714F652c9

How do I get free $VINU?

$VINU rewards are up for grabs every day to those who participate in the community. Create posts, memes, enter contests, help a fellow doggo in need, or even tip other people with your own tokens and it might rain $VINU on you!

Enter our $VINU giveaways on Discord by checking the #giveaways channel. There are also weekly Twitter & Reddit contests.

$VINU can be collected for free at our Faucet website.

$VINU is distributed to everyone that votes for the ViNo Community Node SBP.

$VINU can be both a staking reward and a token you can stake to earn a different reward.